Our Services

Residential Cleaning Services

We offer quality residential cleaning services. Housecleaning is an unavoidable part of caring for our homes, which can prove to be a challenge with so little time and so much to do in the day. We use the most advanced technologies and cleaning tools. We provide residential cleaning services for: ⮚ Houses ⮚ Apartments ⮚ Post Construction Projects ⮚ Vacation rentals ⮚ Pre and Post Tenancy Terms Our satisfaction guarantee means we will return within 24 hours to rectify any problems.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Juggling all your duties can be stressful. The last thing you want is complaints from customers or guest. While you handle your business, we focus on the dirty work! One less thing to worry about. Our commercial cleaning services are available day and night. Our professional trained janitors are both dedicated and reliable. This is where we shine, sparkle and smile.

Staffing & Recruitment

Your business depends on a reliable and qualified candidate channel. We help keep that channel flowing with individuals that fit your customers’ needs, through expert staffing recruitment solutions. Are you splitting your time between employee relations, hiring and on-boarding staff? Let us concentrate on your hiring needs.

Task Force

A short-term staffing plan focuses on the immediate needs of your company. We offer seasonal staff, fixed term contracts and on-call staffing solutions.

In House House-keeping Training

Are you in need of staff training programs based on your standards of housekeeping? We offer staff skills training based on your company standards and protocols.


  • I have had the pleasure to be employed by Labor Ready as a means to supplement my income. I enjoy working for labor ready and meeting their client's needs. I’ve been to 2 different locations and enjoyed the experience. Communication with labor ready is always professional and polite. I appreciate that being on-call is flexible and gives you the freedom to accept or decline the invitation to work. Labor ready is a small Bermudian-owned business, that is relatively new. I would recommend Labor ready for anyone seeking a flexible part-time job.
    R Darrell
  • "Labor Ready" has truly stuck by its name. I was in a jam and needed a team for a special project. With one phone call, I was able to obtain three individuals from Labor Ready. The team that was sent was highly trained, well mannered and professional. I spent less than 10 minutes giving the instructions/explaining what is needed and the job was completed better than anticipated! I should mention that one of their staff impressed me so much that I offered her a job full time the same day! I would highly recommend Labor Ready to anyone.

    Elbow Beach
  • My involvement with this company started off by a chance encounter with the owner, Jean-Maire Cannonier while outside of Lindo's, Devonshire. She briefly told me that she was planning a cleaning company for private & hotel clients. Let me say right now, I was not interested, however, I encourage her & told her to check me out once all was up & running & I'll see if I had changed my mind.

    D. Mallory
  • I started with LBR in April 2019. While working for the company, I was placed in the housekeeping department. I learned a lot and gained valuable experience, which I'm able to put into practice as I grow in the hospitality industry.

    I noticed while on a job and was offered a full-time position. I am now not only working full time as a room attendant but as a turndown supervisor. I am very appreciative & grateful to LRB as they gave me the platform to be noticed for my hard work. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for  hospitality employment on the island./

    D. Wilson