June 22, 2021
Head of Money Talk Ondreyah Rochester sits with Labor Ready Bermuda
June 22, 2021

Have you ever wondered how you did in your interview? Read on for tips for interviews.

We asked?

1What is the number one mistake made during an interview?
The number one mistake interviewees make is being unprepared.
2What impresses you the most during an interview?
An enthusiastic interviewee who has done their homework on the company and the position.
3How important is dress & grooming?
How you dress demonstrates self respect for the position and the company.
4What justifies an interviewee geting a second chance?
Some interviewers will give a second chance due to nerves, illness and last minute emergencies.

Labor Ready Bermuda's Interview Tips

Always research the company and the job description, their values and missions.
Be fully prepared and and tailor your answers specificaly to the position your applying for.
Dress in a manner that is professionally appropiate to the position for which you are applying.The first impression you make on a potential employer is very important.
Send a thank you email. Briefly explain the reason for your poor performance.